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Shoes walk with you

This is my first pair of gentlemen shoes which I bought 5 years ago, of course, they no longer look “new” at all and there is even scuff in the toe box (sorry I was a bit tipsy after a few glasses of wine).

However, I polish them from time to time to make sure they look “fresh”. There is a subtle change in colour after all these years that I can’t even recall what the exact colour was before. To me, this is a very interesting process and it definitely gives your shoes a unique look and story to be told.

Take good care of them, and in return, they will walk with you through all the ups and downs.

Editor@FINE shoes

Give a Mirror Shine to your shoes!

Having trouble to fill up your holiday schedule? Why not spare an hour to give a mirror shine to your shoes.

Mirror shine is used to describe a method to polish the leather shoes to give your leather shoes a highly reflective surface. Those who work in disciplinary forces would probably be familiar with this. Mirror shine is achieved by repetitively applying a thin layer of wax with a tiny drop of water, such that the pore of the leather is filled up with wax and thus produces a mirror-like surface in which you can literally see your own face in the reflection. Some people also call this “spit shine”, as you can imagine, instead of using water, spitting also does the job as a quick fix, but this is not recommended for many obvious reasons.

The first thing some people may notice about you are your shoes, and I am delighted when I see mirror shine on others' shoes. It also reflects how discipline and attentive to details that person is. What do you think? Feel free to share your thoughts and any question with us below.